Practice Areas
Corporate Compliance

■ Antitrust and Competition


Jin Mao has established a professional team in the field of antitrust and competition law, and has been providing professional services in anti-monopoly and competition law for many domestic and foreign listed companies and leading enterprises in various industries, such as automobiles, harbors, shipping, liquor, raw materials and pharmaceuticals, for a long time.

After years of development, members of the antitrust and competition law team of Jin Mao have accumulated extensive experience in handling cases, representing clients to respond to administrative investigations initiated by antitrust enforcement agencies against abuse of dominant market position and horizontal monopoly agreements, communicating with the enforcement agencies, and formulating and implementing committed rectification plans; providing clients with legal analyses of declaration of operator concentration, and making declarations of operator concentration and antimonopoly on behalf of the clients to the market regulatory authorities. antitrust declaration. The team also assist to reduce the risk of antitrust violations by formulating antitrust compliance Q&A guidelines, providing antitrust compliance training, and conducting daily antitrust counselling for clients; assisting clients in establishing and improving their antitrust compliance systems; and representing clients in responding to antitrust litigations arising from monopoly agreements, abuse of dominant market position, and so on


■ Corporate Compliance


Compliance is a prerequisite for the sustainable, stable and healthy development of enterprises. In order to help clients effectively prevent and control compliance risks, and continuously improve the management level of lawful compliance, Jin Mao provides clients with legal services on compliance risk identification, assessment, Jin Mao also issues legal opinion letters for the risks identification, assists in the formulation of preplanning, and adopts effective measures to prevent major compliance risks in a timely manner, with reference to the domestic GB/T35770-2022 "Compliance Management System Requirements and Usage Guide", the "Guidelines for Compliance Management of Central Enterprises (for Trial Implementation)" and the relevant international standards, industry standards and business practices. Jin Mao assists with clients to establish, develop, implement, evaluate, maintain and improve compliance management systems.

Jin Mao lawyers also assist companies in clarifying the compliance management responsibilities for the board of directors, supervisory board, managers and other senior management personnel, and clarifying the compliance management work in system formulation, business decision-making and operation and management processes.

According to the different development stages of the enterprises, the industries to which the clients belong to and the characteristics of their products and services, Jin Mao will formulate a special compliance management system based on the actual situation of the clients in key areas such as corporate governance, market transactions, investment management, data and information security, safety and environmental protection, product quality, engineering and construction, labour and employment, finance and taxation, intellectual property rights, business partners and criminal compliance, provide updates on laws and regulations and identification of risks, and timely convert relevant external compliance requirements into internal rules and regulations.

During the construction and implementation phase of the compliance management system, Jinmao Firm also assists clients in building a culture of compliance, providing compliance training, and conducting regular compliance assessments on promotion and implementation of compliance management.


■ Investigations and Criminal Compliance


Corporate investigations and criminal compliance is one of the long-standing areas in which Jin Mao has been deeply involved. As one of the leading law firms in this field, it is highly sought after by clients. Jin Mao provides a full range of professional legal services to domestic and multinational companies in many different fields, including establishing and improving compliance systems, conducting internal corporate compliance investigations, assessing business model compliance risks, responding to government investigations, organizing compliance training, and helping companies enhance management effectiveness and achieve legal and efficient internal management.

Jin Mao corporate investigation team has rich experience and diverse professional backgrounds, including lawyers who have worked and served in compliance-focused industries such as the pharmaceutical and health industry, financial industry, manufacturing industry, and FMCG industry, as well as law enforcement officers who have worked in market supervision and management, and taxation. The team's background and experience can help clients understand and meet their compliance needs and provide pragmatic and effective solutions.

Jin Mao criminal compliance team consists of criminal dispute resolution and industry-specific attorneys to provide compliance solutions that meet the actual needs of our clients and is committed to helping companies optimize their internal management mechanisms to avoid criminal risks at the source, based on the actual situation of different companies and the assessment of criminal risks in their industries. At the same time, we provide effective institutional guarantee for corporate criminal risk avoidance and resolution by building the framework of corporate operation management system and corporate criminal risk disposal system. The team members pay attention to and study the latest laws and regulations, policies and market hotspots in related fields, always keep learning the latest legal knowledge, and understand the market development trend through communication with clients in order to provide quality legal services. Some of the lawyers in the team have been selected as a pool of professionals for the third-party supervision and evaluation mechanism for compliance of enterprises involved in Shanghai Municipal Procuratorate and Shanghai Free Trade Zone.

The criminal litigation practice of Jin Mao is divided into criminal representation and criminal defence. Jin Mao combines the research results of the criminal procedure team to provide clients with comprehensive criminal accusation representation and effectively safeguard clients' legitimate rights and interests. The criminal defence practice of Jin Mao has outstanding professional characteristics. Lawyers with professional and technical backgrounds in the firm are constantly involved in complex criminal cases, which solves the drawbacks brought by traditional criminal lawyers working alone. In the next step, the criminal practice brand of Jin Mao will further highlight its professional relevance and cater to the trend of market segmentation.

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