Practice Areas
Environment, Energy and Natural Resources

■ Environment

Jin Mao’s environment law specialists have remarkable track record of supporting Fortune 500 enterprises, SOEs and listed companies to fulfill the companies’ environment protection obligations. Our professional services span from the permit application process for various environmental approval projects to environmental legal compliance consultation. We also regularly assist clients in non-contentious matters such as project operation, due diligence and contract negotiation in merge and acquisition transactions, as well as contentious proceedings such as administrative hearing, arbitration, mediation and civil litigation. Jin Mao has edited monographs such as Corporate Environmental Legal Risk Management Practice, Environmental Legal Practice Dispute Resolution and Compliance Development.

■ Carbon and ESG

Actively responding to climate change, Jin Mao continues to provide clients with dual carbon legal services, including the collection and analysis and interpretation of carbon policies and regulations standards, and provides clients with special services on carbon emission strategies, carbon emission allowance compliance, carbon trading, contractual energy management, dispute resolution, etc., and provides legal support on the development of financial products related to carbon assets. Jin Mao also participates in the research of relevant green financial policies and products, and provides support for the innovation of relevant green financial products for financial institutions.

Jin Mao is committed to sustainable development legal services, helping clients improve their sustainability, environmental social and governance (ESG) performance by identifying risks and providing practical solutions in a timely and accurate manner. Jin Mao lawyers are familiar with regulatory disclosure guidelines and ESG reporting requirements, and provide professional validation services on ESG reports. In recent years, Jin Mao has continued to provide domestic and overseas listed companies and their suppliers with ESG internal control management status evaluation and consultation, supply chain risk management compliance services, and guidance to clients to continuously improve their performance on ESG-related indicators. The firm has co-authored and published  ESG Theory and Practice with research institutions.

■ Energy and Natural Resources

Jin Mao’s main client base in the energy and natural resources industry consists of foreign, state-owned, and private enterprises with operations in various natural resources ranging from traditional sources such as metal, coal,  oil and natural gas, to new energy such as solar photovoltaic power and wind power and hydrogen energy. Clients engage Jin Mao’s expertise to assist in due diligence, contract negotiation M&A and other phases of deals. Our Energy and Natural Resources team has done deals all over China, leaving their mark in many provinces and cities such as Shanxi, Xingjiang, Inner Mongolia and Guizhou etc.

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