Practice Areas
Finance and Securities


Jin Mao was one of the first law firms in China approved by the Ministry of Justice and China Securities Regulatory Commission to undertake securities legal practice. In 2000, Jin Mao was authorized by the Ministry of Justice and China Securities Regulatory Commission to issue public offerings for overseas listed companies.

Since 1993, Jin Mao assisted hundreds of Chinese and foreign companies with corporate restructuring, securities issuance and IPO. Landmark deals include China’s first B shares rights issuance, China’s first A shares issuance of genuine B shares, China’s first restructuring of two listed companies by means of shell merger and transfer,the first direct acquisition of a foreign listed enterprise by a domestic enterprise in China, the first domestic enterprise listed in Hong Kong GEM, some of the first listing deals of foreign investment enterprise in China,  the first IPO of large State Owned Enterprise (“SOE”) after China’s share structure reform, which involves merge by share exchange , the first bond discount amortization of quoted companies, and the first privately raised company bonds of small and medium scale enterprises. Many corporate enterprises we have worked with are listed in the NASDAQ, HKEX,  GEM, SGX and securities markets in Switzerland and Germany.

 Banking and Project Development Financing 

Jin Mao possesses a wealth of expertise in the banking industry ranging from bank loans to financing practices of foreign financial institutions. Jin Mao has provided legal services for the first international syndicated loan project for the development of Shanghai Pudong New Area, the infrastructure loan project of the World Bank and Asian Development Bank, as well as the  RMB financing projects of various foreign banks such as Société Générale, Rabobank, UBS, DBS Group, to name but a few. As the legal counsel for the syndicate banks, Jin Mao’s comprehensive legal services played instrumental roles in several bank-syndicated loan projects led by Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, and China Development Bank.

Jin Mao has assisted banks in providing supply chain finance services, issuing FTN loans, using the international swaps and derivatives association (" ISDA ") to carry out financial derivatives trading and to facilitate business cooperation among banks, trustees, brokers and insurance companies. Jin Mao has also assisted corporate clients to obtain loans from domestic and international banks.

As one of the first member intermediary agencies of the National Association of Financial Market Institutional Investors, supervised by the People’s Bank of China, Jin Mao has provided legal consultation services for the successful issuance of super-short-term financing bills, short-term financing bills and medium-term notes for a large number of sizeable corporate enterprises.


Jin Mao developed its expertise in insurance law since the announcement of the rules and regulations governing the use of insurance funds by China’s Insurance Regulatory Commission in 2010. On 22 January 2015, the “Pacific-Da Tang Chongqing Energy Debt Investment Plans”,a deal with which Jin Mao assisted throughout, completed its registration on the“Insurance Assets Management Product Registration and Issuance System”,marking the first successful registration on the system since launched by the Insurance Asset Management Association of China. Jin Mao lawyers have developed a wealth of expertise in the insurance industry, and have successfully provided legal services for hundreds of investment programs of insurance funds initiated by insurance asset management institutions, including those owned by Tai Ping Insurance Company Ltd., Pacific Insurance Company and PICC. 

 Trusts and Asset Securities

Jin Mao maintains stable and long-term partnerships with many trust corporations and fund management companies. Jin Mao professionals have been appointed to independent director of the earliest Mutual Fund Companies in China.

 Securities Investment Fund and Private Equity

Jin Mao has been actively involved in a number of PE funds (both domestic and foreign) deals in relation to the fund’ s formation, investment, management and exit. Our Firm’ s PE related work has been widely acknowl-edged across the industry, including being recognized by the PE Association of Shanghai as an official member.

Jin Mao’ s PE team is particularly strong with respect to providing efficient legal services for QFLP, with the PE team actively participating in the legislation of Shanghai QFLP and QDLP pilot policy. We have provided efficient QFLP legal services for clients such as LYFE CAPITAL, WELKIN CAPITAL, CBRE INVESTMENT, TAUBMAN ASIA and KEYLONG REAL ESTATE, among others. At the same time, Jin Mao is familiar with the domestic regulatory policies of the fund's overseas direct investment (ODI). We have provided legal services for CDH FUND, SHAGHAI GUOHE, ZUIG INVESTMENT, CENOVA VENTURES and many others to invest in overseas projects.

 New Finance Industry

Jin Mao has been actively involved in the professional services for the incorporation and management of financial lease enterprises, pawn enterprises, financing guarantee enterprises, small loan companies and factoring companies. Jin Mao’s contribution to the New Finance Industry is highly respected – Our Firm is the founding member of the Commercial Factoring Expertise Committee of China Association of Trade in Services; the founding member of the Financial Leasing Expertise Committee of Shanghai Pudong Service Centre (Platform) for Corporate Headquarters and of the Association of Shanghai Internet Financial Industry; the founding member and elected Deputy Chair of Shanghai Pudong Factoring Expertise Association as well as the Shanghai Commercial Factoring Guild. Our Firm is also a member of the Shanghai Guarantee Association and Shanghai Association of Micro-credit. 

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