Jinmao Responsibility
  • On December 15th, 1988, the co-founders -- Mr. Wu Boqing, Mr. Tao Shoujun, Mr. Yuan Jie Ms. Liu Weizhen uted “Article of Shanghai Economic & Trade Law Firm” “Application for Establishment”.
  • On December 24th, 1988, the Bureau of Justice of Shanghai Municipality issued “Reply Regarding the Permission for Resigning from Current Positions Establishing Shanghai Economic & Trade Law Firm of cooperative nature” [(88) Hu Si Fa Lv Guan Zi No. 402], by which it approved the establishment of Shanghai Economic & Trade Law Firm. The law firm was located in 20 Ningbo Road, Shanghai. The law firm was the fiftieth established law firm in Shanghai, had ten lawyers, of whom four were full-time lawyers (Wu Boqing, Tao Shoujun, Yuan Jie Liu Weizhen), five part-time lawyers (He Jianfen, Sun Yuxin, Pan Yixin, Xin Lixu, Fu Qimin), one Guest Lawyer (Gong Zhiyi).
  • On January 24th, 1989, the opening ceremony of Shanghai Economic & Trade Law Firm, with more than fifty guests attended, was held in “Ke Yuan Restaurant” situated in Shanghai Natural Museum on East Yanan Road, Shanghai.
  • In 1992, Shanghai Channel Law Firm was established, after which Shanghai Economic & Trade Law Firm Shanghai Channel Law Firm, subject to unified management, practiced together. Approximately one year thereafter, Shanghai Channel Law Firm started practicing independently.
  • In 1993, Shanghai Economic & Trade Law Firm became the first law firm purchased its own office premises moved to 2 Lane 531, East Beijing Road.
  • In 1995, as per the requirement of Ministry of Justice as to appellations of law firms, Shanghai Economic & Trade Law Firm was renamed “Shanghai Jin Mao Law Firm”.
  • In 1996, several lawyers of Shanghai Jin Mao Law Firm started working in an office situated on the 21st