Practice Areas
Foreign Investment and Corporate Governance

■ Foreign Investment

Jin Mao enjoys a long history of advising foreign investment dating back to September 2000, when the Foreign Investment Working Committee of Shanghai granted Jin Mao the qualification to provide consultation service for foreign investment projects. Staffed with our multilingual professionals capable of working in English, French, German, Korean and Japanese, Jin Mao provided comprehensive legal services for foreign investment, including Fortune 500 companies in relation to the multinational enterprises’ foreign direct investment (FDI) and re-investment of sino-foreign joint venture, sino-foreign cooperation enterprises, WFOE (Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise) , mergers and acquisitions, assets restructuring and liquidation etc.

We assisted with striking the historic, landmark deal between SAIC Motor (China) and Volkswagen (Germany). In October 2010, Jin Mao’s contribution to foreign related legal services was recognised by Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce and Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Justice as“Shanghai Leading Legal Service Unit for International Trade”. Since been selected as the Leading Legal Service Unit for International Trade, Jin Mao has been continuously awarded with government support funding. Jin Mao focuses on combining theory with legal practice. Our Firmhas edited Foreign Investment Law Practice and other related monographs.

■ Outbound Investment

Jin Mao assisted a great number of large enterprises including the Shanghai International Port Company, with their outbound or offshore investment, in collaboration with our Hong Kong branch office, the Iwata Godo Law Office in Japan and TaipeiLaw Attorneys-at-Law in Taiwan and the Philippines. We also draw support from our long-term, stable network of law firm partners across the globe, in jurisdictions like the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Switzerland, Norway, Australia, Canada, Brazil, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan. 

■ Mergers & Acquisitions

Regarding domestic assets reorganization and mergers & acquisitions, Jin Mao lawyers possess qualifications as the witness in bidding events, chief coordinator in reorganization of foreign-capital enterprises, assessor of state-owned assets, agent for registration of enterprises, and broker of property rights and cultural assets. Jin Mao has advised many state-owned enterprises and private enterprises regarding corporate restructuring, reorganization and assets acquisition.

■ Bankruptcy & Restructuring

Jin Mao Law Firm has been on the roster of approved bankruptcy administrators by Shanghai Higher People's Court since 2015. Now we have formed a professional bankruptcy and restructuring team, consisting of nearly 30 experienced partners. The team has explored and established a case handling system involving the diversion of complexity and simplicity by grouping and integrating. The team diligently performs the duties of the court-appointed bankruptcy administrator, safeguards the legitimate rights and interests of creditors and debtors, and is committed to saving  enterprise at the brink of bankruptcy from reorganization, reconciliation and liquidation exit..

Jin Mao Law Firm attaches great importance to deep cultivating and exploiting the business of bankruptcy and restructuring. Our lawyers focus on relatively independent and self-contained business modules, including but not limited to debt restructuring, bankruptcy reorganization, bankruptcy reconciliation, bankruptcy liquidation, corporate dissolution and liquidation, non-performing asset investment, risk disposal of financial institutions, and have accumulated rich experience in related business fields. We maintain good communication with audit agencies, evaluation agencies, auction agencies, assets exchange institutions, asset management agencies, banks, securities companies, public media as well as government and public administration departments including notary office, tax department, market supervision and administration department, so that we can provide integrated solutions and systematic service support for enterprise related problems.


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