Practice Areas
Intellectual Property, Data and Technology

■ Copyright

Jin Mao was established precisely at a time when China’s intellectual property protection framework took shape. For the past three decades, Jin Mao acted as counsel for a number of landmark intellectual property cases, some of which have been selected to the relevant court jurisprudence and China Net of Legal Instruments on Intellectual Property. Some of the high profile cases we dealt with involved the auction of art works under the name of world-famous artist Wu Guanzhong, author’s renumeration due to the well-known writer Lu Xun, the copyright dispute over Ballet the White-haired Girl, and the dispute over the Yue Opera Dream of the Red Chamber. 

■ Trademark

Jin Mao’s expertise in trademark is evidenced in both contentious and non-contentious work. Our Firm has been involved in litigation over the trademark rights of the globally-recognized trademark“Infineon”, as well as the infringement of trademark and unfair  competition in relation to the trademark “Partyworld”. In terms of non-contentious service, Jin Mao proactively advises clients on advance planning and adjustment of the overall strategy to protect their intellectual property. In recent years, Jin Mao has also provided many famous brands with the whole process of rights determination and maintenance services from trademark monitoring, application, re-examination, opposition, invalidation, withdrawal, administrative litigation, to infringement investigation, complaint and litigation.

■ Patent

Our top-tier patent legal services are provided by professionals qualified as both lawyer and patent agent, with specialist knowledge in the fields of electronics, communication,mechanics,biology and chemistry etc., ranging from non-contentious services of risk control to contentious dispute resolution. Our lawyers are capable of providing one-stop, comprehensive intellectual property development strategy by means of patent precautions, patent planning and patent search analysis, as well as enhance IP competitive advantage and build a patent protection barrier. We assist our clients with application for patents, patent invalidation and reexamination reviews, so that our clients may overcome unfavorable competition obstacles when entering into new markets, with full enjoyment of sustainable and complete patent rights protection afforded by law.  

Jin Mao patent team conducts special due diligence investigations and issues special legal opinions on important matters such as IPR ownership, IPR risks, core IPR and technology information disclosure, R&D investment performance, core technology scope and value confirmation in the IPO process of technology-based and innovative companies.

Jin Mao patent team conducts IPR due diligence for investment and M&A projects of companies with core technology value, and provides evaluation services on core indicators and potential risks such as patent ownership, patent value and patent stability of the core technology involved in the transaction. We conduct Free To Operate (FTO) investigations for core products. Based on the above due diligence, we will provide the basis and reference for the design of key terms and conditions of the transaction structure and legal documents.

We provide professional support to enterprises in preventing transaction risks caused by deviations in the identification of core technologies by sorting out and evaluating core technologies and supporting proprietary technologies.

Planning the realization process for technology transfer, technology licensing, technology services, technology development and other technology transactions involving core technology transfer, helping clients with commercial negotiations, and writing customized key legal documents.

Assist enterprises to establish IPR infringement risk control and early warning mechanism around core products. Sort out the IP infringement risks of the enterprise's core products and technologies with the core of FTO report, patent infringement report and other IP special legal investigation reports, and make risk avoidance design suggestions to avoid IP disputes when the enterprise enters the capital market.

Jin Mao lawyers with patent agent licenses have served many nation-wide well-known enterprises including HUAWEI, ZET, ALIBABA, QIHOO360, BOE, SINOPEC, as well as famous science and research institutions such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, China Agricultural University, Institute of Computer Science of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

■ Data and Technology

Jin Mao has always been at the forefront of cutting-edge legal issues driven by technology development. Our data specialists are capable of establishing a compliance system managing user information data for data-driven companies to avoid data infringement, enjoys professional reputation in providing proactive consultation for emerging legal issues arising from electronic advertisements, electronic games, web shops, unfair competition disputes in the e-commerce industry, disputes over computer software copyright and computer software product quality disputes.