Practice Areas
Family Law and Wealth Management

Jin Mao has accumulated rich experience in traditional marriage and family matters, inheritance and estate settlement, etc. The family law and wealth management team stands out for its "non-conflict, private and optimal resolution" characteristics, and "law + psychology" expertise to help sort out and deal with the emotions and needs of the parties in the marriage and family, and mediate the relationship and conflicts between the parties. In 2020, the mediation rate of cases handled by Jin Mao Marriage Team reached 65%, providing a better service experience to protect the interests and privacy of clients and gaining the recognition of high net worth clients.

Jin Mao also pays attention to the risk prevention of marriage and wealth inheritance of High Net Worth Individuals, and provides legal services such as domestic and foreign marriage and family wealth planning and inheritance legal planning for private and family (family), as well as the reasonable setting of family wealth protection structure involving equity, insurance, trust, cross-border investment, identity planning, etc., and is committed to integrating legal, psychological and financial expertise to counsel The team is dedicated to providing legal, psychological and financial expertise to help clients establish and maintain healthy, safe and happy marital and family intimacy, legal relationships and wealth structures to prevent marital and inheritance risks.

Jin Mao has been listed in the "SH-LADY" resource distribution platform lecturer pool by SH Women, and included in the "Heritage Administrator Recommendation Pool List" by Shanghai New Hongqiao Notary Office.

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