Practice Areas
Infrastructure and Real Estate

■ Urban Infrastructure and Construction

Jin Mao has always enjoyed a high reputation in the urban infrastructure and construction practice. Our lawyers possess a wealth of experience in massive infrastructure construction projects, with particular specialty in general contracting and general construction contracting for major infrastructure construction and engineering projects.

For decades, Jin Mao has actively provided legal services for the complete cycle of the following large-scale infrastructure projects: the Shanghai Metro System, the Nanpu Bridge, the Yangpu Bridge, Shanghai’s Inner Ring Viaduct, the North-South Viaduct, the Yan'an Road Viaduct, the Hujia Expressway (China's first expressway), the Xingsong Expressway, the Shanghai sections of Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway and of Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway, the Shanghai-Dalian Road Tunnel, the Shanghai East Fuxing Road Tunnel, the Shanghai Chongming Yangtse River Bridge and Tunnel, East Sea bridge, the Yangshan Deep-Water Port, the second line of east Yanan Road Tunnel (BOT), the Shanghai South-Eastern suburbs ring expressway (BOT), the Shanghai Xinfengjin Expressway (BOT), Shanghai North Suburbs Ring Expressway (BOT), as well as Ningbo Changhong Tunnel (BOT), Qianjiang Passageway and linking road projects (BOT), Fenghua’s 3 Expressways (BT) in Zhejiang province, and the Third Ring Highway Project in Kunming, Yunnan province (BT), North Chengdu sewage system overall project - city sewage treatment plant III (PPP), Shaowu Municipal Domestic Waste Incineration Power Plant (PPP). In recent years, Jin Mao Law Firm has been providing different perspectives and exquisite legal services and solutions to various project participants, such as government, investors, general contractors and operators, in the whole process of construction project bidding management, claims and counter-claims, completion inspection, settlement, warranty, mortgage and construction dispute resolution. Jin Mao has successfully represented many major construction engineering litigation and arbitration cases. At the same time, as the legal counsel of many domestic and foreign financial and securities enterprises, Jin Mao also actively participates in various infrastructure investment and financing projects of the government, local government financing platform companies and social capital parties.

■ Real Estate

Jin Mao lawyers started to advise clients on real estate projects since the 1990s, thoroughly involved in the whole process of financing, programming, exploration, construction, sale, renting and management of commercial, administrative and residential estates. Some of the major real estate projects that Jin Mao actively participated include the Jin Mao Tower, Shanghai’s Stock Exchange Building, the State Development Bank Building, the Expo Center, the City Hall, the Bank of China Tower, ICBC Building, Shanghai Oriental Sports Center, to name but a few. In recent years, Jin Mao has undertaken a number of “exemplary” real estate projects, provided full process legal services for a number of major projects, and successfully represented a number of land transfer, real estate litigation and arbitration cases. As the legal counsel for multiple real estate PE funds (both domestic and foreign), Jin Mao has also been involved in a significant number of real estate acquisition and conveyance projects.

■ Urban Renewal

In recent years, Jin Mao has followed up on "benchmark" urban renewal projects in Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta region, and continued to provide advice on legal research and project promotion for urban renewal and governance, undertaking a number of "exemplary" projects and providing clients with the whole process of legal services, including proposal We have undertaken a number of "exemplary" projects, providing clients with the whole process of legal services, including proposal demonstration, transaction structure construction, project financing, project land acquisition and construction, project investment, project operation, etc.

Jin Mao is always at the forefront of providing specialized legal services in the field of urban renewal, and has been engaged to provide legal services for the first urban renewal project traded on the Shanghai Land Exchange and Shanghai United Assets and Equity Exchange in the mode of "venue linkage" - Hong'anli Ltd., Equity Transfer Project (Hongkou 17 Neighborhood), Shanghai Huangpu Urban Renewal Ltd., and Wuxi City's first urban renewal project, the South Square Area of Railway Station, etc., providing high-quality, professional and efficient legal services.

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