Practice Areas
Arts (Creative Industry), Sports and Education

■ Arts and Creative Industry 

Jin Mao’s experience in arts and creative industry is highly respected for our active involvement in staging of art fairs and exhibitions, commercialisation of artworks, as well as the donation, auction and acquisition in relation to artworks. Among the prominent art institutions we regularly work with are China Art Museum, Power Station of Art, Liu Haisu Gallery, Cheng Shifa Gallery, Shanghai Research Institute of Culture and History, Changshuo Art Association and Shanghai Lexicographical Publishing House.

■ Sports and International Law

Jin Mao is one of the first Chinese law firms with a team dedicated to sports and international law. In addition to institutional clients such as clubs, national and international governing bodies, our sports law practice cares about individuals involved in sports, such as the athletes, coaches and protection of minors.

Our experience covers various types of sports, including the emerging e-sport sector, ranging from sports governance, sports diplomacy, dispute resolution proceedings at People’s Court, FIFA, CAS, Swiss Federal Tribunal and European Court of Human Rights, to commercial aspects of sports. Jin Mao leaves its mark in the Chinese sports market through persistence in difficult cases, making breakthroughs in jurisprudence, while consciously engages with courts and regulators to drive systematic reforms. Our sports and international law team receives regular invitation to speak at international events, and have been recognized as a Global Leader in sports sector by Who’s Who Legal, and Rising Star award presented by China Business Law Journal.Our team is the co-author of the inaugural Sports Dispute Resolution in China (for consecutive years of 2020 and 2021), as part of the Commercial Dispute Resolution in China (An Annual Review and Preview) published by the Beijing Arbitration Commission.

■ Education

Arts and Sports always mean to be part of education and human development. By integrating education with our arts and sports practice groups, we advocate for the principle in practice. Among the educational institutions we represent are Shanghai Theatre Academy, STA Shanghai Dance School, Shanghai Vocational College of Agriculture and Forestry, Shanghai Education Affairs Supervision Centre and Shanghai Huangpu Campus Security Management Centre.